Comic Book Resources Top 100 Runs in Comics

Voted by members of Comic Book Resources, <a href=”“>here’s the list</a>. If I had run the poll, I would have disqualified currently ongoing runs, taking out, say, Mark Waid’s Daredevil (71) and Scott Snyder/Greg Capullo’s Batman (72; which wouldn’t have made my list even disregarding my rule).

It’s a pretty good collection of recommended reading, though, regardless of where certain series have been placed.

Alan Moore shows up three times for Promethea (67), Marvelman/Miracleman (38), Swamp Thing (3). I guess Watchmen was disqualified, even though it was serialized as a 12 issue monthly title.

Brian K Vaughan shows up three times, also: Ex Machina (40), Runaways (34), and Y: The Last Man (5). Y is a great choice for a top five all-time series, and that’s including Watchmen.

Grant Morrison beats them both with six appearances: Invisibles (45), Doom Patrol (32), Animal Man (23), New X-Men (13), JLA (12), and Batman (8).

Warren Ellis has four appearances: Authority (68), Nextwave (65), Transmetropolitan (31), and Planetary (19). I’m looking forward to the release of his Vertigo collection Global Frequency in the near future, and I want to get his Orbiter when I can. All but Nextwave are original concepts, by the way.

Peter David, one of my favorite superhero soap-opera writers, clocks in at three with X-Factor 1 (95), X-Factor 2 (49), and Incredible Hulk (26).

Mark Waid also has three appearances for his superhero work: Fantastic Four (89), Daredevil (71), and Flash (36).

Ed Brubaker has five appearances: Daredevil (82), Criminal (81), Immortal Iron Fist (61, with Matt Fraction and David Aja), Gotham Central (30, with Greg Rucka), and Captain America (22). The only I’ve read of this list is Iron Fist.

Chris Claremont, of course, is recognized for his definitive take on X-Men from the 70s-90s: New Mutants (93), X-Men with various artists(14; not sure how this is defined, and X-Men with John Byrne (2).

Stan Lee shows up five times: Thor (98, with Jack Kirby), Doctor Strange (74, with Steve Ditko), Amazing Spider-Man (37, with John Romita), Amazing Spider-Man (6, with Ditko), Fantastic Four (4, with Kirby).

My favorite writers, then, make up 35 of this top 100 list. They would, of course, make up a larger portion of my own top 100 list, provided I could fill one out.


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